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Crocs Size Chart: Men, Women, Kids, Junior Crocs Size Chart.






Navigating the perfect fit for your favorite pair of Crocs has never been easier. With our comprehensive Crocs Size Chart, also known as the fit guide and sizing chart, is designed to help you find the ideal match for your feet. Whether you prefer a roomy fit or need assistance deciphering US sizes, UK Sizes, European Sizes, our Crocs shoe size reference ensures that every pair of Crocs you choose aligns perfectly with your comfort needs. Say goodbye to sizing confusion – our user-friendly guide provides clarity, with sizes shown clearly and invoice in exact sizes, guaranteeing your Crocs fit like a dream every time. Trust our Crocs Size Chart for the ultimate footwear satisfaction.

The Crocs Size Chart from helps you find the right size of Crocs shoes. It tells you the sizes in the US, Europe, and the UK format. It also shows how long your foot should be in inches and centimeters for each size. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, this chart makes sure your Crocs fit well and feel comfy. Hence, having knowledge about shoe size is crucial, regardless of the brand.

Here is a general size chart for Crocs shoes that includes US Size, UK Size and EU size for Men and Women. Please note that sizes may vary slightly depending on the specific style and fit of the shoes.

Crocs Size Chart-Crocsbazaar


Crocs Men’s Size Chart:

Discover the perfect fit for your feet with our precise Crocs Men’s Size Chart. Our comprehensive sizing guide ensures that you find the ideal pair of Crocs that match your unique preferences.

Crocs Men's Size Chart

  • US size 7 = Crocs size M4
  • US size 8 = Crocs size M5
  • US size 9 = Crocs size M6
  • US size 10 = Crocs size M7
  • US size 11 = Crocs size M8
  • US size 12 = Crocs size M9
  • US size 13 = Crocs size M10
  • US size 14 = Crocs size M11
  • US size 15 = Crocs size M12

Crocs Women’s Size Chart:


Experience the perfect fit with our dedicated Crocs Women’s Size Chart. Designed to simplify your footwear selection, our comprehensive sizing guide ensures you find the ideal pair of Crocs that suits your unique style and comfort preferences.

Crocs Women's Size


  • US size 5 = Crocs size J3
  • US size 6 = Crocs size J4
  • US size 7 = Crocs size J5
  • US size 8 = Crocs size J6
  • US size 9 = Crocs size J7
  • US size 10 = Crocs size J8
  • US size 11 = Crocs size J9
  • US size 12 = Crocs size J10

Crocs Kid’s Size Chart:


Embark on a journey of perfect-fitting comfort with our dedicated Crocs Kids’ Size Chart. Crafted to simplify your footwear selection, our comprehensive sizing guide guarantees you find the perfect pair of Crocs that align with your child’s unique preferences.



Crocs Kids Size Chart-

  • US size 8 = Crocs size K9
  • US size 9 = Crocs size K10
  • US size 10 = Crocs size K11
  • US size 11 = Crocs size K12
  • US size 12 = Crocs size K13
  • US size 13 = Crocs size K1
  • US size 1 = Crocs size K2
  • US size 2 = Crocs size K3
  • US size 3 = Crocs size K4

Crocs Juniors Size Chart.

Make your child’s comfort a priority with our custom Crocs Juniors Size Chart. Designed to make choosing footwear easier, our easy-to-follow sizing guide helps you find the perfect pair of Crocs that fit your junior’s preferences just right.


Crocs Junior Size Chart


It’s always a good idea to try on shoes to ensure a proper fit, as foot size and shape can vary significantly from person to person. If you’re purchasing Crocs online and are unsure of your size, you may want to consider ordering multiple sizes to try on and returning the ones that don’t fit.


Frequently Asked Question:


Q1: What is the Crocs size chart based on?

A1: The Crocs size chart is based on foot length in centimeters or inches, which helps determine the appropriate size for your feet.

Q2: How can I measure my foot length accurately?

A2: Place your foot on a piece of paper, trace the outline, and measure from the back of the heel to the tip of your longest toe.

Q3: Does the Crocs size chart include half sizes?

A3: Yes, the Crocs size chart often includes half sizes to provide a more precise fit.

Q4: Are Crocs sizes the same as regular shoe sizes?

A4: Crocs sizing can be different from regular shoe sizes, so it’s important to refer to the specific Crocs size chart.

Q5: How can I find the right Crocs size for kids?

A5: Measure your child’s feet accurately and compare the measurements to the Crocs size chart for kids’ styles.

Q6: What if my foot measurement falls between two sizes on the Crocs size chart?

A6: It’s recommended to choose the larger size for a more comfortable fit.

Q7: Do different Crocs styles have the same sizing?

A7: Crocs styles can vary slightly in sizing due to their designs. Always refer to the size chart for the specific style.

Q8: Is there a Crocs size chart for wide feet?

A8: Some Crocs styles offer width options. Check the size chart for styles that offer variations in width.

Q9: Can I rely on my usual shoe size for Crocs?

A9: While it can be a starting point, Crocs sizing might be different. Always use the Crocs size chart for accuracy.

Q10: Can I wear socks with Crocs?

A10: Yes, you can wear socks with Crocs. When using the size chart, consider the thickness of the socks for the right fit.

Q11: Is the Crocs size chart the same globally?

A11: Crocs sizing can vary slightly by region. Always refer to the size chart provided for your specific region.

Q12: What if I order the wrong size online?

A12: Check the store’s return policy. You may be able to exchange or return the Crocs for the correct size.

Q13: Do Crocs sizes change for different genders?

A13: Yes, Crocs sizes differ between men’s, women’s, and kids’ styles. Always choose the right gender for accurate sizing.

Q14: Should I consider the age of my child when using the Crocs size chart?

A14: Age isn’t the only factor. Accurate foot measurements are more important for choosing the right size for kids.

Q15: Can I wear Crocs that are a little bigger or smaller than my actual size?

A15: It’s generally better to choose a slightly larger size for comfort. Avoid sizes that are significantly smaller or larger than your measurements.


In conclusion, the Crocs size chart is your key to unlocking the perfect fit. By understanding your measurements and referring to the chart, you can ensure that your Crocs provide the comfort and support you need. Whether you’re walking, running errands, or just relaxing, the right size will make all the difference in how you feel. So, take a moment to measure, check the chart, and step into the world of comfortable and well-fitted Crocs. Your feet will thank you for it!


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