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Our Product testing methodology

Testing the Crocs
Testing the color of the Crocs after using few days.

Step 1: Designing a well-organized product review system

  • The first step in our process is to design a reliable and authentic product review system.
  • We understand that you rely on us for accurate information, so we put in 100% effort to achieve that goal.
  • Our product review system is designed to filter out the best products available in the market.

Step 2: Dividing the team into small groups

  • To effectively carry out the review process, we divide our team members into individual small groups.
  • Each group is assigned a specific task to focus on.

Step 3: Accumulating findings and preparing the product review

  • After the individual groups complete their tasks, we gather all the findings and information together.
  • We then prepare our product review based on the accumulated data.
testing crocs with socks by our founder- Forekan Sadik
Testing the Crocs wear with Socks. It’s our founder Forekan Sadik.

Step 4: Investigating the product market and studying product novelties

  • In our product testing methodology, the first job is to investigate the product market and study the latest innovations and features of the products.
  • A group of team members is assigned to this task and they preliminarily select the top products from the best brands.

Step 5: Sorting and finalizing the list of products for review

  • Once the initial selection of products is made, our editorial team steps in to sort out the key features of each product.
  • The products are separated based on their core features, and a final list of products for review is created.

Step 6: Analyzing real-buyer reviews and noting down pros and cons

  • With the final list of products, we study the reviews provided by real buyers of these products.
  • We carefully note down all the pros and cons of each selected product.
  • This helps us identify the most suitable products that offer high value to consumers.

Step 7: Ranking the selected products based on their features

  • After gathering all the necessary information, we rank the selected products according to their features.
  • The best products receive the highest rank in our evaluation.

Step 8: Handing research data to the writing team for detailed reviews

Testing Crocs without Socks
Testing the Crocs without Socks. It’s our founder Forekan Sadik.
  • Once the products are organized rank-wise, our editorial panel provides all the research data and findings to the writing team.
  • The writing team uses this information to prepare in-depth product reviews with complete buying guidelines.
  • We follow some ethics while writing blog posts for each products.

Our Mission

Our mission at Crocs Bazaar is to provide comprehensive and reliable information about the world-renowned footwear brand, Crocs. We are dedicated to offering engaging and informative content that includes buying guides, a deep dive into Crocs’ history, and unbiased product reviews. With a commitment to research and accuracy, we strive to be a trusted source of knowledge in the footwear industry. By showcasing how Crocs is leading the way in innovation and style, we aim to inspire and guide our audience in making informed decisions about their footwear choices.


About our writers

Our team of experts are the best in the industry when it comes to talk about writing and researching products related to footwear , more specially Crocs. Our writes are highly educated in academics, well experienced in professional life and experts in finding out the right products for your choice.

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