Crocs Student Discount

Crocs offers a student discount of 25% off all full-price and sale items upon verification through sheerid. With this discount, eligible students can save on their favorite crocs footwear and accessories, including sneakers, sandals, and backpacks.

Crocs, the iconic brand known for its comfortable, colorful footwear, recognizes the financial burdens of college life and wants to make shopping for shoes a little easier for students. In partnership with sheerid, crocs offers a student discount of 25% off full-price and sale items.

This discount applies to all of crocs’ footwear and accessories, including bestsellers like the classic clog and sandals like the crocband platform flip, as well as Idiocracy Crocs. By verifying their student status through Sheerid, students can unlock this discount and enjoy savings on their crocs purchases. As part of its commitment to comfort and affordability, crocs’ student discount helps students step into the future with confidence – and style.

Understanding Crocs Student Discount

Crocs shoes are a popular choice among students for their comfort and style. Understanding crocs student discount is important for students who are looking to save some money on these trendy shoes. As a student, every penny counts, which is why the crocs student discount provides a great opportunity for students to purchase their favorite shoes at a discounted price.

Eligibility Criteria For Crocs Student Discount

To avail of the crocs student discount, students need to meet the below-mentioned eligibility criteria:

  • The student must be 16 years or older.
  • The student must be enrolled in an accredited college or university.
  • The discount is only valid for full-priced items and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

Crocs Student Discount

Ways To Save With Crocs Student Discount

  1. Verify Your Student Status: In most cases, you’ll need to verify your student status through a third-party verification platform. This might involve using your school email address or providing some form of student identification.

  2. Discount Code: Once your student status is verified, you might receive a unique discount code that you can apply during the checkout process. This code would likely provide you with a percentage discount on your purchase.

  3. Exclusive Offers: Crocs may offer special promotions and exclusive offers to students who have signed up for their student discount program. Keep an eye on their website, social media channels, and email newsletters for announcements about these deals.

  4. Limited-Time Sales: The student discount might be stackable with other ongoing sales or promotions, allowing you to maximize your savings during special events like back-to-school sales, holiday promotions, and more.

  5. Clearance and Outlet Sections: Check out the clearance or outlet sections on the Crocs website. These sections often feature discounted items, and your student discount might still apply on top of the already reduced prices.

  6. Sign Up for Rewards Programs: If Crocs has a loyalty or rewards program, signing up could earn you additional discounts or points that can be redeemed for future purchases.

  7. Follow Crocs on Social Media: Crocs may share exclusive discount codes or flash sales on their social media platforms. Following them on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter could help you stay informed about these deals.

  8. Combine Discounts: Depending on their policies, Crocs might allow you to combine your student discount with other promotions, such as free shipping offers or bundle deals.

  9. Refer a Friend: Some companies offer referral programs that give you and your friends discounts when they make a purchase using your referral link. This could help you save even more on your Crocs purchases.

  10. Check for Partner Discounts: Occasionally, Crocs might partner with other brands or organizations to offer special discounts. Look out for any partnerships that might benefit students.

How To Verify Student Status To Avail Crocs Discount?


  1. Visit the Crocs Website: Go to the official Crocs website and navigate to the section that offers information about their student discount.

  2. Sign Up or Log In: If you’re a new user, you might need to create an account on the Crocs website. If you’re already a registered user, log in to your account.

  3. Access the Student Discount Program: Locate the student discount program information, which might be prominently displayed on the homepage or accessible through a dedicated student discount page.

  4. Start the Verification Process: Click on the link or button to start the verification process. You might be directed to a third-party verification platform.

  5. Provide Verification Details: You’ll likely need to provide details that verify your student status. This could include using your school email address, uploading a photo of your student ID, or providing information about your educational institution.

  6. Complete the Verification: Follow the instructions provided by the verification platform to complete the verification process. This may involve confirming your enrollment status and verifying your identity.

  7. Receive Verification Approval: Once your student status is verified, you’ll likely receive a confirmation message or email indicating that you are now eligible for the student discount.

  8. Receive Discount Code: Depending on the process, you might receive a unique discount code via email or through the website. This code will typically be used during the checkout process to apply the student discount to your purchase.

  9. Shop and Apply Discount: Add the Crocs products you want to purchase to your cart. During the checkout process, there should be a field where you can enter the discount code you received. Enter the code and apply it to see the discount reflected in your order total.

  10. Complete the Purchase: Once the discount is applied, proceed to complete your purchase by providing your shipping and payment information.

Discount Amount And How It Works

Crocs offers a generous one-time 25% discount on all purchases for verified students. The discount is redeemable through a unique coupon code that is issued upon successful verification of one’s student status. The coupon code is valid for six months, and students can use it on any full-priced item on the crocs website.

Moreover, students can get the discount by registering with unidays or student beans, and the checkout process will automatically apply the discount to the purchase.

Tips And Tricks To Maximize Savings

  • Sign Up for Newsletters: Subscribe to Crocs’ email newsletters. Often, brands offer exclusive discounts and promotions to their subscribers.

  • Follow on Social Media: Follow Crocs on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Brands sometimes share special deals, flash sales, and discount codes through their social media channels.

  • Set Price Alerts: Use price tracking tools or apps that notify you when the price of a specific item drops. This can help you time your purchase for when the price is at its lowest.

  • Stack Discounts: If possible, combine different discounts, such as a student discount, promo codes, and ongoing sales, to achieve the maximum savings on your purchase.

  • Shop During Sales Seasons: Keep an eye out for major shopping seasons like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, back-to-school sales, and other holiday promotions. These times often bring significant discounts.

  • Use Cashback and Rewards Programs: Consider using cashback websites or credit cards that offer cashback rewards on your purchases. Over time, these small amounts can add up.

  • Abandon Cart Strategy: Sometimes, if you leave items in your online shopping cart without completing the purchase, the retailer might send you a reminder with an additional discount to encourage you to complete the transaction.

  • Buy in Bulk: If Crocs offers bulk discounts or bundle deals, consider purchasing multiple items at once to take advantage of these offers.

  • Wait for Clearance Sales: Patience can pay off. Wait for items to go on clearance when retailers are trying to make room for new inventory.

  • Price Match: Some retailers offer price matching. If you find the same product at a lower price elsewhere, inquire if Crocs would be willing to match or beat that price.

  • Student Discount Beyond Crocs: Look for student discounts with other brands and retailers. You can save on various purchases beyond just footwear.

  • Comparison Shopping: Before making a purchase, compare prices across different retailers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

  • Shop Secondhand: Consider buying gently used Crocs products from thrift stores or online platforms. This can be a budget-friendly option.

  • Use Honey or Browser Extensions: Browser extensions like Honey can automatically find and apply relevant coupon codes during the checkout process.

  • Leave Reviews: Some brands offer discounts or rewards for leaving reviews on their products. Check if Crocs has a review-based rewards program.

  • Plan Ahead: If you know you’ll need new Crocs in the future, keep an eye out for discounts and sales throughout the year and make your purchase when the price is right.

Crocs Student Discount

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: How do I qualify for the Crocs student discount? A: To qualify for the Crocs student discount, you need to be a verified student. This typically involves using your school email or providing student ID information for verification.

Q2: How much can I save with the Crocs student discount? A: The exact savings may vary, but the Crocs student discount often provides a percentage off your purchase. The specific discount percentage can differ based on promotions and time of year.

Q3: Can I use the student discount on all Crocs products? A: In most cases, the student discount can be applied to a wide range of Crocs products. However, it’s a good idea to check the terms and conditions or any product exclusions before making a purchase.

Q4: How do I apply the student discount to my Crocs order? A: After verifying your student status, you’ll receive a unique discount code. During checkout on the Crocs website, there’s usually a field to enter this code. Once applied, the discount will be reflected in your total.

Q5: Can I combine the Crocs student discount with other promotions? A: Depending on Crocs’ policy, you might be able to stack the student discount with ongoing promotions or sales. It’s recommended to check the terms or contact customer support for clarification on combining discounts.


In conclusion, the Crocs student discount offers a fantastic opportunity for students to enjoy the comfort, style, and versatility of Crocs footwear at a more affordable price point. By providing a discount exclusively for students, Crocs not only acknowledges the importance of comfort during busy academic days but also caters to the budget-conscious needs of young individuals. This student discount program not only allows students to express their personal style with a wide range of Crocs products but also emphasizes the brand’s commitment to making their products accessible to a broader audience. Whether it’s for walking around campus or taking a break with friends, the Crocs student discount ensures that students can slip into comfort without slipping out of their budget, enhancing both their fashion and functionality as they navigate through their academic journey.





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