Welcome to our Writing Team page! We at: consist of some dedicated content writers who specialize in creating engaging and informative blog posts for our readers. We understand the importance of providing accurate and reliable information, which is why we have 2 fact checkers on our team to ensure that every piece of content we publish is thoroughly researched and verified.

Our team is dedicated to providing our readers with the best possible information and we achieve this by testing products ourselves, conducting surveys and interviews from real users, and carefully planning each blog post before we begin writing.



In the above video, our Founder and CEO, Forekan Sadik is testing a new pair of crocs that he has purchased for daily usage. After the experiment he wrote some blog posts based on his real life experience regarding comfort, sizing, wearing with socks and also the perfect outfit of wearing crocs with his new Crocs.


We believe in providing 100% accuracy in every blog post we publish, so our fact-checkers work hand in hand with our writers to ensure that every piece of information we provide is accurate and up to date. We understand that our readers rely on us for accurate information, and we take that responsibility very seriously. That’s why we follow certain policies to write our blog posts.

Our team is passionate about providing valuable information to our readers and we strive to make every blog post informative, engaging, and easy to understand. We are constantly researching new topics and trends to bring fresh and relevant content to our readers.

Our team of writers is composed of experienced professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. Many of our writers have years of experience in the writing field and have specifically honed their skills in the footwear industry. They have a deep understanding of the latest trends and developments in the industry and are able to provide valuable insights and information to our readers.

Our writers possess a wide range of academic backgrounds, including degrees in journalism, English, Marketing, and Communication. This diversity in education allows our team to approach each topic from a unique perspective and provide a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.


Thank you for visiting our Writing Team page, if you have any suggestions for future blog posts or have any questions about our writing process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Profile highlights of our writing team

Our Founder Forekan Sadik with his Crocs.

Being the Chief Editor and the proud owner, Forekan has contributed most of the articles of our site. His articles covered multiple categories such as: Blog, CLASSIC CLOG, CROCS, Crocs Buying Guides, Crocs Care and Maintenance, CROCS CHARMS, Crocs Fashion Trends, CROCS MEGA CRUSH SANDAL,Crocs Styling Tips and Outfit Ideas,

Click here to read all the articles of Forekan.


Emam H Sn - Editor, Proof reader. crocsbazaar.

  • Name: Emam H Sn
  • Title: Editor, Proof Reader
  • Expertise: Footwear News, Copy Editing, Proof Reader, Product Research.
  • Education: Doffodil International University
  • Hobby: Blogging, Playing Badminton, Community Development, Social Contribution
  • Social media profile: LinkedIn

Eman has contributed all the articles listed in the Crocs with Fur category. He owns two pair of Crocs containing Fur.  Click here to read all of the articles written by Emam.



Tansir - Writer, Artist. Crocsbazaar


  • Name: Tansir Alam
  • Title: Editor, Proof Reader, Artist, Journalist.
  • Expertise: Scratch, Art and drawing, Writing.
  • Education: National University.
  • Hobby: Writing, Video Editing, Community Development, Singing.
  • Social media profile: Facebook.

Tansir has contributed some articles to our site that are mainly relate to Crocs Size Chart. He has drawn some unique and helpful artwork to measure foot size or Shoe size at home.

At last, we can say, we strive to provide accurate and helpful information our readers. We spend hours after hours, day after day to ensure the quality of our content. For this purpose, we buy products, use them, test them, observer them as well as conduct survey to collect data.

Yet if you found anything that you want to correct us. You are most welcome. Send your query to our email:





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