How Do I Keep My Crocs New?

Crocs are known for their durability and longevity, but even the toughest shoes need a little TLC to stay looking new. Here are some tips on how to keep your Crocs looking fresh and in great condition:

  1. Clean your Crocs regularly: Over time, dirt and grime can build up on the surface of your Crocs, making them look dull and worn. To keep them looking new, clean them regularly with mild soap and water. Use a soft brush to gently scrub away dirt and grime and then rinse them off with water.
  2. Dry them thoroughly: After cleaning your Crocs, make sure to dry them completely before wearing them again. The best way to dry them is to stuff them with newspaper and leave them in a well-ventilated area until they are completely dry. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or using a hair dryer to dry them, as this can cause the material to warp or melt.
  3. Use a protectant: To keep your Crocs looking new, you can use a protectant spray to help repel dirt, grime, and stains. This will also help to keep them looking shiny and new. Be sure to test the spray on a small area before applying it to the entire shoe to make sure it doesn’t discolor or damage the material.
  4. Rotate your shoes: One of the best ways to keep your Crocs looking new is to rotate them with other shoes in your collection. This will give them a chance to dry out and air out, helping to keep them fresh and in great condition.
  5. Store them properly: When you’re not wearing your Crocs, store them in a cool and dry place. Avoid keeping them in damp or humid areas, as this can cause mold and mildew to grow, which can damage the material.

By following these tips, you can help to keep your Crocs looking new and in great condition. Remember that Crocs are made to be worn, and they will show signs of wear with time, but by taking care of them, you can prolong their life and make them look new for longer.

How do I keep my Crocs in good shape?

Here are some additional tips for keeping your Crocs in good shape:

  1. Use insoles: To provide extra support and cushioning for your feet, you can use insoles inside your Crocs. This will also help to keep your Crocs in good shape by reducing the amount of wear and tear on the shoe itself.
  2. Avoid harsh chemicals: Some harsh chemicals such as bleach or harsh detergents can damage the material of your Crocs and make them look worn out faster. Stick to mild soap and water when cleaning your Crocs to keep them in good shape.
  3. Repair them if needed: If you notice any damage or wear on your Crocs, take the time to repair them. This can include patching up holes or replacing worn out straps. This will help to keep your Crocs in good shape and make them last longer.
  4. Keep them polished: Regularly polishing your Crocs can help to keep the material looking shiny and new. This will also help to protect the material from dirt and grime, keeping your Crocs in good shape for longer.
  5. Use a protective spray: using a waterproof and stain resistant spray will help to protect your Crocs from moisture and stains, which can cause damage to the shoe over time.


In conclusion, keeping your Crocs looking new requires regular care and maintenance. By cleaning them regularly, drying them thoroughly, using a protectant spray, rotating your shoes, and storing them properly, you can help to keep your Crocs looking fresh and in great condition. Additionally, it’s important to be mindful of the conditions you’re wearing them, as well as the activities you’re doing in them. Avoid overusing them, especially in harsh conditions or activities that can cause excessive wear and tear on the shoes. Remember that regular maintenance and care is key to keeping your Crocs in top condition and prolonging their life. With these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your comfortable and durable Crocs for a long time.
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