Lightning Mcqueen Crocs

Lightning McQueen Crocs: The Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort for Kids


Crocs is an American footwear brand that is famous worldwide for their different kinds and designs of shoes. It was established in 2002 and its products are made of their own patented foam Croslite. Crocs is famous for collaborating with different characters, food items, artists etc. Here they have made a collaboration with Disney by incorporating the Lightning McQueen character of the Cars franchise. The Lightning McQueen Crocs feature graphics of cool cars and LEDs which are long lasting and light up with every step.

The Lightning McQueen character in Cars movies are famous all across the globe. And Crocs wanted to use this popularity to their advantage. That is why they collaborated with Disney and made the Lightning McQueen Crocs.

Now, let’s dig our heels deeper into this.

The Origins of Lightning McQueen Crocs

We all know that Crocs are obsessed with collaborating with other famous and popular personalities, characters, food items etc. And who doesn’t know Lightning McQueen, the fictional car character who starred in the world famous Disney movie ‘Cars’ franchise. So Crocs thought it would be a great idea to incorporate the design of Lightning McQueen with the Crocs.

The design of Lightning McQueen was inspired by the NASCAR Generation 4 cars. Lightning is a professional racer. And based on his professional career, the Lightning McQueen car starred in the Cars movies. When this character became a super duper hit amongst people all over the world, Crocs decided to collaborate with them and incorporate their design in their shoes.


Lightning Mcqueen Crocs

Key Features of Lightning McQueen Crocs

In this portion of the article, we are going to discuss the key features of Lightning McQueen Crocs.

  • Comfortable fit and lightweight construction

These are quite comfortable fit and they have the perfect lightweight iconic Crocs comfort.  They are considered one of the best water shoes because of their lightweight construction. Not to forget, these are very stylish yet comfortable, especially for kids.

  • Breathable and odor-resistant materials

Because of the perfect ventilation ports these are quite breathable. Breathability and the ventilation holes help it to let the water out of it very quickly and make it the perfect water shoes. Because of that it becomes odor resistant as well.

  • Slip-resistant soles for safety

These have slip-resistant soles which is very important because kids are prone to slip very easily. So these soles will ensure their safety. Their chances of being hurt by slipping away is very less than other shoes which makes these quite a great choice for kids.

  • Easy-to-clean and durable design

They are quite easy to clean. You can just wash them or rinse them in the sink with water, mild soap and a washing cloth. These shoes don’t take as much time to dry as other shoes made of leather. Also they are extremely durable they also have a pivoting heel strap to make it a better fit.

These are some of the key features of Lightning McQueen Crocs. These make it a better choice than other footwears, especially for your kids.

Sizing and Fit Guide of Lightning McQueen Crocs

These specific types of Crocs are available in the market in a wide range of sizes, especially for children of all foot sizes of all ages. These are a roomy fit which makes it very comfortable to wear through anytime and anywhere. They are also designed in such a way that it carries a slip-on style.

The sizes that are available are- the sandal style is available in sizes J1-J3 (junior), C4-C13 (toddler),  and J4-J6 (youth), also the classic clog style is available in sizes J1-J3 (junior), C4-C13 (toddler), and M4-M13 (adult). To make it a better customized fit, these are also available in half sizes which makes it a lot easier to find the perfect fit for your child.

Then the adjustable straps can stretch in a limit to make it even better fit providing comfort. Do not try to make it tight on your or your child’s feet but select an appropriate size that is snug. But above all, you must measure the feet of your child to select the right size.

Comfort, Durability and Longevity of Lightning McQueen Crocs

Lightning McQueen Crocs also beat other footwears in terms of durability and longevity as well. As these shoes are made of their Croslite foam, it is pretty difficult to deform these shoes even after using them on a regular basis for a long time.

As mentioned, the high quality Croslite foam is their hidden ingredient here. You can use them in jogging, running, rough play etc. But it is able to withstand any kind of pressure on a daily basis. It would be a great choice for kids who are very active and always on their feet.

The support provided by the outsoles of the shoes make it non slippery and ensures the safety of your kids. The support of these pads make it very comfortable as well. Kids do want to wear shoes which make their feet hurt after a certain time. These will fulfill this purpose as well. It also promotes foot development in children. It makes sure their feet can grow in these shoes as they are not too tight and compact.

How to Style Lightning McQueen Crocs


These shoes are an amazing accessory to complete your look in any kind of occasion. Whether it be a sporty day, a formal meeting or a family gathering, these shoes blend very easily with every occasion. Specially, if you are on your feet for a longer time and looking for a comfortable option, these would do great.

Nowadays, kids’ fashion is very much important for them to develop a sense of style from an early age. And it will give them a lot of advantages and privileges if they dress according to occasions.

These shoes would be a great match for a sporty day or an outdoor occasion, it would also go well with any casual occasion. If the kids do not have specific shoes as a part of school uniform, then you may choose these shoes for that purpose as well.  The versatility makes it a great choice for kids and people of all ages.

Safety Features of Lightning McQueen Crocs


This type of Crocs have slip resistant soles which are very important for the safety of the feet, especially for your kids. For that, we need to know what slip resistant shoes are. These types of shoes are designed to reduce the percentage of accidental false trips and slips. Because of the grippy treads of the outsoles of these shoes, these make it easier to walk on anything slippery or wet keeping your balance and stability.

Especially for kids, these shoes are perfect as they are always running or jumping. If they are more active, the tendency of slipping or falling or hurting themselves increases. These shoes will ensure their safety and reduce the tension of the parents to a greater limit. If you are able to find the perfect size for your kid, then it would be a great choice, especially for active kids.

Care and Maintenance of Lightning McQueen Crocs


The process of taking care of the Lightning McQueen Crocs and maintaining it is quite easier than other shoes. Because it is not made out of leather or other material which can soak water. It is made out of Croslite foam which makes it waterproof and extremely easy to clean.

But you should not use the washing machine to wash your Crocs. You should do spot cleaning and air drying. You should rinse these specific Crocs in water using mild soap and a washing cloth, you should clean it gently. Some dirt is harder to clean sometimes. But you should not rush the process and damage your Crocs.

Reviews and Customer Feedback


Most of the reviews and customer feedback about these specific Crocs, especially for toddlers, were pretty good. Most parents were satisfied with the product and they were happy to spend their money on this product and the result of it. In this portion of the article we are going to discuss the reviews and customer feedback of the parents about this product.


On, it was rated a good 4.3 out of 5, and this is from 248 reviews from the global consumers of this product. 71% of the reviewers rated it with a 5 star. Most of the parents said that it was quite comfortable as it was made from Croslite foam. Most of the kids loved the clog. It was a perfect fit for most of them and the adjustable heel straps played a great role here. The kids also loved these for the lightning which excited them a lot.

Where to Buy the Lightning McQueen Crocs

We understand that it is hard to find places where you can purchase Lightning McQueen Crocs. So here, we are making your job a bit easier by discussing where you can find them.

You can find these specific Crocs along with other Crocs in different stores of Crocs. You might not find Crocs stores around your area so you can buy them online as well. Most of the people around the globe buy them online.

As it has been quite some time after they were launched, it is now available in the official website of Crocs, you might also find them on You may also find them in, a famous website for Crocs and other famous footwear and accessories.

There are some scattered retailers around the globe who buy different kinds of Crocs and then sell them at a higher price. You might want to avoid them if you want to save money.

Pricing and Value for Money of Lightning McQueen Crocs

The Lightning McQueen crocs cost $50 which is quite pricey than most other footwears. But if you consider the durability, comfort, style, different kinds of design, longevity, high quality, the safety it provides especially to the feet of your kids, then you would understand that they are worth every penny. And the excitement and joy, especially the kids find, to walk or to run wearing these as they light up, are beyond some extra money.


how many lightning mcqueen crocs were made

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this portion of the article, we are going to discuss some frequently asked questions which most of the readers find answers to. This will hopefully answer most of your queries and give you a good idea about the whole thing.

  • Are Lightning McQueen Crocs available in adult sizes?

Now Lightning McQueen Crocs are available in adult sizes as well. It was firstly made for kids and toddlers. But after a certain point, they understood that Cars fans are not limited to kids. There are many adult fans of both Cars and Crocs who want to collect these limited edition shoes.

  • Can Lightning McQueen Crocs be worn in water?

The Lightning McQueen Crocs can be worn in the water. Because the battery inserted in this Crocs which makes it light up on every step is completely enclosed. These are waterproof like other Crocs. It is also super comfortable as well because of the croslite foam it is made of.

  • Are Lightning McQueen Crocs suitable for children with wide feet?

First of all, it is not made for kids of and under 3 years. But it has a wide range of wide width shoes from which you can choose your size easily. And The heel strap is also adjustable which makes it a great fit as well. It is not like other tight or loose footwears made of leather or rubber at all.

  • How long do Lightning McQueen Crocs typically last?

Usually Crocs last about 3-5 years if you wear them on a daily basis. But if you don’t wear them that frequently and take good care of the shoes, it might last 10 years as well. The same goes with these shoes. But the battery which makes the Crocs light up might not run that long. But overall, the shelf life of this product is quite good.

  • Can Lightning McQueen Crocs be worn in colder weather?

Lightning McQueen crocs can be worn in the colder weather as well. But we will not prefer that as these have 13 subsequent holes to ventilate the air and moisture of your feet. In the same way cold air can pass through your feet in the colder weather which does not make it a preferable choice for colder weather at all. These are mainly summer shoes.


Moreover, Lightning McQueen Crocs would be a perfect blend of style in comfort for your kids. It not only will ensure their safety with their non slippery outsoles, but also it will provide them comfort and a great style.

In this article, we have discussed the origins of Lightning McQueen Crocs, key features of them, their sizing and fit guide, comfort, durability and longevity of these shoes, how to style them, where to buy them, how to care and maintain these shoes etc. We also discussed customer feedback and reviews of these shoes. This article will make it easier for you to understand why you should choose these shoes for your kids.

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