Off White Crocs

Off white crocs are a collaboration between the american shoe manufacturer crocs and the luxury italian fashion brand off-white. These shoes feature off-white’s signature motifs and crocs’ comfortable design, creating a unique aesthetic.

The collaboration between crocs and off-white showcased the shoes’ unique aesthetics – the white color of the crocs was contrasted with the iconic orange detailing, and off-white’s logo was stamped on the heel strap. The shoes became an instant hit and were quickly sold out after their release in 2018.

The shoes have been worn by celebrities such as post malone and justin bieber, creating a hype for the brand and its innovative designs. The off-white crocs highlight the ability of fashion and design to bring together seemingly contrasting styles to create something new and exciting.

The Birth Of Off-White Crocs

Off white crocs have been a topic of discussion ever since they hit the runways of paris fashion week. Some people love them; others despise them. But, what’s the story behind these shoes, and how did they become so popular?

Let’s delve into the history of crocs, the partnership between crocs and off-white, and the debut of off-white crocs at the paris fashion week.

The History Of Crocs

Crocs, founded in colorado in 2002, were initially intended for boating and outdoor use. The brand’s signature comfort, durability, and water-resistance quickly made crocs a hit among consumers. Crocs have become so popular that the brand has sold over 600 million pairs in more than 90 countries.

The Partnership Between Crocs And Off-White

Crocs and off-white, a high-end fashion brand created by designer virgil abloh, teamed up to create a new version of the iconic clog. The collaboration first started in 2017 but was kept under wraps. Abloh’s affinity for crocs came from his love of unexpected combinations in his fashion collections.

The Debut Of Off-White Crocs At The Paris Fashion Week

Crocs and off-white debuted their collaborative design in 2018 during the paris fashion week spring-summer runway show. The off-white crocs are similar to the original crocs, but with a few significant changes, such as a chunky sole, new colors, and the off-white logo on the shoe’s upper.

Many fashion enthusiasts were surprised and excited to see crocs incorporated into a high-end designer’s collection.

Off white crocs are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, their popularity among fashion lovers and celebrities is undeniable. Who would have thought that the once solely functional shoe would take the fashion world by storm? Thanks to the pioneering partnership between crocs and off-white.

The Style Statement

Off-White Crocs: The Style Statement

When it comes to footwear trends, crocs may seem like an unlikely contender in the fashion world. However, the introduction of off-white crocs completely transformed the game. Here, we’ll dive into how and why off-white crocs have become a style statement, with major celebrities and influencers leading the way.

How Off-White Crocs Became A Fashion Statement

  • Off-white is a luxury fashion brand founded by designer virgil abloh, known for his boundary-breaking approaches to fashion and design.
  • In 2017, off-white collaborated with crocs to create a limited-edition collection featuring their take on the classic clog design.
  • The shoes featured off-white’s signature quote branding, including the words “wi-fi” and “business woman”, which challenged typical gender and societal norms.
  • The collaboration proved to be hugely popular, with fans and fashion enthusiasts flocking to get their hands on a pair.
  • Off-white crocs became a fashion statement thanks to the combination of crocs’ practicality and comfort with off-white’s high-end fashion credibility.

Major Celebrities Spotted Wearing Off-White Crocs

  • Off-white crocs are highly sought after, especially after some of the most famous celebrities rocked them on social media platforms.
  • Pop sensation justin bieber was among the first celebrities to wear the shoes, creating a lot of buzz among his millions of fans.
  • Other celebrities such as american rapper post malone, actor jonah hill, and models bella hadid and karlie kloss have all been seen rocking the off-white crocs.
  • The widespread celebrity endorsement of off-white crocs helped cement their status as a must-have fashion item.

The Versatility Of Off-White Crocs In Different Fashion Styles

  • Though some individuals may have initially balked at the idea of high-end crocs, many fashion influencers have incorporated them in their fashion styles.
  • Off-white crocs are known for their versatility, making them an ideal footwear choice in different fashion styles.
  • Fashion enthusiasts often pair off-white crocs with oversized denim jackets and chic sunglasses for a casual daytime outfit, or pair them with dress pants for a fun, bold office look.
  • Some individuals have even decorated their crocs with charms, including stuffed animals and other quirky pieces, creating a unique personalized look for the off-white crocs.

Off-white crocs have become a must-have fashion accessory due to their uniqueness, comfort, and versatility. This unlikely fashion collaboration has proven to be a hit, with major celebrities and influencers leading the trend. However, it is the shoes’ ability to be worn in a variety of fashion styles that has made them an essential item for many fashion enthusiasts.

Though the trend may seem unconventional, it is a reminder that fashion can be fun, and sometimes, it is the most unexpected items that end up being the most stylish.

Setting Foot In The High-Fashion Industry

Off White Crocs: Setting Foot In The High-Fashion Industry

Comfortable footwear is gaining popularity in the fashion industry, and no footwear is more comfortable than crocs. The brand has recently embarked on a journey to make a foothold in the high-fashion industry with its latest addition – off white crocs.

The Recognition Of Crocs In The High-Fashion Industry

Crocs have been seen on the feet of everyday people for years, but they have recently become the statement piece for high fashion designers. High-end fashion houses like balenciaga, christopher kane and beams have joined hands with crocs to bring the brand to the forefront of fashion.

The Collaboration Between Crocs And Other High-Fashion Brands

Collaboration has been the key to success for crocs. For instance, balenciaga’s platform crocs sold for over $850. Despite the exorbitant prices, the demand for off white crocs is only increasing. Moreover, the brand is also embarking into collaborations with other high-fashion brands such as vivienne westwood, alife rivington club, and chinatown market.

The Growing Trend Of Comfortable Footwear In Fashion

Sneakers have dominated the fashion world for the past few years, but it seems like comfortable footwear is here to stay. Crocs are not just limited to casual wear; they are making a statement on the runway as well. The trend of comfortable footwear in fashion is not just a passing phase – it is a shift that the industry has been waiting for.

Off white crocs represent the perfect collaboration between high fashion and comfort. Crocs’ recognition among high fashion names has made it the go-to brand for footwear that’s both comfortable to wear and provides a powerful fashion statement. The fashion industry can no longer ignore the comfort factor; the trend of comfortable footwear in fashion is here to stay.

The Impact On The Footwear Industry

Off-white crocs have taken the footwear industry by storm, revolutionizing fashion with their unconventional yet functional designs. The trend that began with “ugly” shoes in fashion has quickly led to a rise of comfort-driven footwear. Find out more about the impact of off-white crocs below.

The Impact Of Off-White Crocs On The Footwear Industry:

  • Designer collaborations have become increasingly popular in the footwear industry, and the collaboration between off-white and crocs was no different. Off-white’s creative director virgil abloh brought a new perspective to crocs and made them fashionable, transforming them from standard casual wear to high-end fashion icons.
  • The collaboration caused a stir in the fashion world, with many people who have traditionally not been fans of crocs warming up to the style. It generated buzz from fashionistas and celebrities, catapulting crocs into a new era of popularity.
  • Many fashion brands have since jumped on the bandwagon and are now releasing collections of comfortable, casual footwear that cater to the “ugly sneaker” trend or similar markets, which is an extension of the impact of off-white crocs on the footwear industry.

The Rise Of Comfort-Driven Footwear:

  • Comfortable footwear has always been a staple for some, but it wasn’t until off-white crocs came on the scene that it became less of a taboo in fashion. A new era has emerged where comfort has become fashionable and sales.have reflected that.
  • Consumers are now focusing on the practicality and comfort of footwear rather than its appearance, leading to the success of utilitarian brands like crocs. The collections of luxury crocs, including off-white crocs, are selling out in a matter of minutes, demonstrating how consumers are willing to pay a premium for something comfortable and versatile.

The Increase In The Sales Of Crocs:

  • Since the off-white crocs collaboration, the brand has seen an increase in sales, with a 14% increase in revenue from the previous year. Crocs attributes this increase in sales to the virality of the collaboration, which introduced a new demographic to crocs’ extensive range of products.
  • Not only has the off-white collaboration brought an increase in revenue, but it has also brought an increase in brand awareness to crocs, making them a household name.

The off-white crocs collaboration has positively impacted the footwear industry, creating a new era where comfort is seen as fashionable. The success of off-white crocs has also led to an increase in sales for the crocs brand and encouraged other brands to follow the trend of comfort-driven designs.

Sustainability And Ethics

Off White Crocs: Sustainability And Ethics

Crocs And Off-White’S Commitment To Sustainability And Ethical Fashion

Off white’s collaboration with crocs has trendy and chic fashion enthusiasts going crazy. It’s no secret that crocs are comfortable and easy to wear, but can they also be eco-friendly and ethical?

Both crocs and off-white recognize the importance of sustainability and ethical fashion. They understand the impact of fashion on our environment and society and take action to combat it.

The Eco-Friendly Properties Of Crocs

Crocs use a unique and eco-friendly material called croslite foam, which is made with closed-cell resin. The production process of croslite foam creates less waste and toxic emissions, making it environmentally friendly. The material is also lightweight and comfortable, making it perfect for shoes.

In addition to using eco-friendly materials, crocs has committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 30% by 2030. They also prioritize recycling and have implemented a program to recycle worn-out crocs for a good cause. The program repurposes the used crocs into playgrounds and other useful items.

The ethical implications of the fashion industry’s trend towards comfortable footwear

As fashion trends shift towards comfortable footwear, the industry must consider the ethical implications of this trend. The shift towards comfortable shoes could potentially lead to an increase in fast fashion, which promotes unethical production and labor practices.

However, crocs and off-white are dedicated to ethical production practices. Crocs have a code of conduct that ensures ethical labor practices across their supply chain. Additionally, the brand supports numerous initiatives to promote human rights and social justice.

Off-white also shares in this commitment to ethical production and has a strong stance against fast fashion. The brand uses sustainable and ethical production methods and materials whenever possible.

While trendy and fashionable, the off white crocs collaboration with crocs does not compromise on sustainability and ethics. Both crocs and off-white recognize their responsibility as global brands to make a difference and actively take steps towards a more sustainable, ethical, and just future.

Frequently Asked Questions For Off White Crocs

What Are Off White Crocs Made Of?

Off white crocs are made of high-quality croslite material, which is comfortable, durable, and water-resistant.

Can Off White Crocs Be Worn In The Rain?

Yes, off white crocs are water-resistant and can be worn in the rain, at the beach, or in any wet environments.

Are Off White Crocs Suitable For Outdoor Activities?

Off white crocs are perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and even water sports, thanks to their durable and water-resistant material.

Can Off White Crocs Be Worn In The Winter?

Off white crocs are not designed for cold weather, but they can be worn with socks or liners to keep your feet warm during the winter months.

What Sizes Do Off White Crocs Come In?

Off white crocs come in a range of sizes for both men and women, from us size 4 to us size 13.

How Do I Clean My Off White Crocs?

You can clean off white crocs easily with soap and water, or a mild detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

Can I Wear Off White Crocs To Work Or Formal Events?

Off white crocs are perfect for casual and everyday wear, but they may not be suitable for work or formal events that require a more dressy attire.


The off-white crocs seem to be a love-it-or-hate-it trend. While some people are jumping on board with the new collaboration, others are detractors of the rubber shoe. Despite this, there’s no denying that the off-white brand continues to create a buzz around their out-of-the-box collections.

The crocs collaboration is just another example of their willingness to take risks and push boundaries. Additionally, the shoes’ popularity among younger consumers may signify a shift in the fashion industry towards comfortable and practical footwear. Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s no denying that the off-white crocs are a statement piece that will go down in fashion history.

So, embrace the trend or let it pass, but either way, know that off-white and crocs have made a bold statement.


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