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SZA Crocs

The Phenomenon of SZA Crocs: How the Collaboration Shook the Fashion Industry

Crocs are basically an America based footwear company which manufactures and sells footwears all over the world. Crocs started its journey in 2002 based on the concept of making boating shoes with their own patented Croslite foam. World famous Grammy winner artist SZA is collaborating with Crocs making her own custom made shoes and changing the whole dimension of the whole fashion industry.

Before discussing the whole phenomenon of SZA crocs. Let’s know about Crocs and SZA.

Crocs make their shoes based on their own patented foam Croslite. Having 13 holes on the top half of the shoes to ensure ventilation, the name of these shoes came from crocodile as they are easily adaptable to every environment like amphibious crocodile. Nowadays crocs are counted as one of the most trendy and fashionable footwear as well.

SZA is now a very popular and influential personality in the music industry worldwide. And Crocs and her are now collaborating to increase both the hype and sales of her very own SZA Crocs.

Now we are going to dig deeper into this topic.

SZA Crocs Collaboration: The Beginning

The collaboration of SZA with the Crocs was big news for everyone, especially the fans. There was no indication at all that this was going to happen.

But one fine day on July 8, 2021, SZA asked her fans on the social media platform if they would buy her custom made Crocs. Most of the people thought it as a joke because of the jolly personality of the well known Grammy winner artist. But this became true almost a year later in the month of May of 2022.

Now they are collaborating for the second time to keep up with the hype of this footwear and their consumers.

Crocs chose SZA mainly because of her influences in fashion and choosing sustainability and comfort over uncomfortable and harmful fashion choices. Her fame was also one of the main reasons why crocs chose her to be the face of their custom made SZA Crocs.

SZA herself is very excited with this collaboration. She integrated and decided to launch this product of the second collaboration on the 8 December of 2022, just a day before her new album launch S.O.S. And the first one was in May. The whole design of this particular product was based on denim. Denim never goes out of style and that is what they have focused on including comfort of the people in mind. It was totally based on 90s inspired faded denim allover print. They decided to dedicate this product to a greater purpose of celebrating Mental Health Awareness month 2022.

SZA Crocs


Launch Day: The Hype

The social media platforms had been buzzing surrounding the release of the most awaited Crocs. You could see about this collaboration and the release of the product all over the headlines of all kinds of social media.

The hype only increased, lots of fans showed their excitement and eagerness towards the launch date. The demand for these shoes was too high. People stood in lines and virtual queues for hours. The stocks started being sold out very quickly. The release date of her new album was also very near with the SZA Crocs which boosted the popularity of this product even more.

Why SZA Crocs are Popular

This type of crocs are very popular amongst youngsters to older people, overall, all kinds of people in all generations. The reasons behind the popularity of SZA Crocs are discussed below.

A. Comfortability

As crocs are made of their own patented foam Croslite, they are very comfortable to wear. In the modern era of uncomfortable high heels and tight compressed boots, this type of footwear which provides comfort and a great deal of style is bound to be popular.

And this collaboration has made it even more popular and increased its sales to a great percentage as well. Besides, it is a vegan product which makes it a lot more sustainable than other products and the consumers can be a part to contribute to nature as well.

B. Unique Design 

In this specific SZA crocs, denim has been focused taking inspiration from the whole 90s overall denim look. They have made a unique kind of design to attract the consumers. These types of products have put a lot of effort on their unique designs in order to make it more unique and that makes it even more popular.

C. Affordable Price

SZA Crocs are not like other branded products which cost a lot and are not even that much comfortable or stylish. These shoes not only provide you comfort and confidence but also they are quite affordable. These Crocs are sold as retailers worldwide and they cost about $70 worldwide. But the Crush Clog will retail about $80.

These are some of the reasons why this specific kind of crocs are very popular amongst people all over the world. People are pre-ordering and they are getting out of stock pretty quickly. It is getting kind of hard to keep up with the demand of the people which is quite a good news.

SZA Crocs Collections 

There are different kinds of SZA Crocs available in the market. The preferences of these shoes vary based on budget, occasion and personal style. The collection of SZA Crocs includes-

A. SZA x Crocs Classic Clog 

B. SZA x Crocs Classic Sandal 

C. SZA x Crocs Classic Bae Platform Clog

How to Style SZA Crocs 


Nowadays crocs have made such an image that it never goes out of style. And here we are talking about the specific designer SZA Crocs. So it is quite obvious that you would be able to style these shoes with many outfits on many occasions. In this part of the article we are going to discuss some of these.

A. Casual Outfits 

SZA crocs will make a great accessory as a part of your casual outfit. You can easily wear these shoes in casual locations like hangouts with friends or family dinners etc. This will give you comfort and give you a chillout and relaxed vibe. These shoes are the perfect example of accessories that we wear when we don’t have to impress anyone with our outfits. But in this case, they are undoubtedly fashionable.

B. Dressy Outfits 

These shoes will be a perfect match for formal occasions or different kinds of parties. For a formal occasion we want to show that we are serious about the whole matter and Crocs goes very well with that purpose. In the parties we dress up and try to impress others and crocs give a great impression and not to forget they are quite comfortable as well which is not the case in most of the footwear that we wear in these kinds of occasions.

 C. Athleisure Outfits

Most importantly SZA Crocs are a perfect match with athleisure outfits. These shoes give us a great deal of stability even when we need to run or jog. Snickers have been playing the perfect role in these kinds of scenarios. But SZA Crocs are now making a place of their own in this sector.

Criticism and Controversy

There is a limited number of people who reacted to this collaboration in a negative way. The main point of not supporting this brand was the concern of disposal of the shoes not being so environment friendly.

SZA has been criticized as well for collaborating with this brand. Even though the number was small, people who deeply care about this environment were not that much supportive about the whole collaboration and launching a new type of crocs. SZA was not that concerned about this issue.

Future of SZA Crocs

SZA Crocs is one of the most famous and demanding footwear nowadays. Crocs has collaborated with SZA twice till now. The hype of Crocs and the fans of SZA have been combined to make this collaboration successful. The future of SZA Crocs is very bright as they have already successfully sold a huge number of shoes all over the world. If there is any collaboration between them in the future, the chances of the collaboration being successful is very high.

SZA has collaborated with Crocs twice now. First she collaborated with the Crocs in May 2022 and then for the second time in December 2022. In both times, this collaboration was to be able to reach a new dimension in the fashion industry by breaking a lot of records of popularity and demand of this specific brand.

It is pretty obvious that this collaboration has great potential in the future according to the success and sales of both the times they collaborated. Seeing the increasing sales, success and demands of these shoes, we can easily say SZA Crocs’ influence on fashion is going to be long lasting.


SZA Crocs

Frequently Asked Questions

In this part of the article, we are going to discuss some frequently asked questions which most of the readers find answers to. This will hopefully answer your queries and give you a good idea about the whole thing.

Why are SZA Crocs so popular?

SZA is a very famous and well known artist. And Crocs are famous for providing comfort, style, amazing designs etc. Even though crocs are a very trendy and fashionable footwear, it still needs to boost its sales. That is why they hired SZA to use her name as a brand to increase the sales which by the way worked amazingly. Both the fame of SZA and Crocs have been utilized properly and because of that, SZA became very popular.

What makes SZA Crocs different from other Crocs?

There are different kinds of Crocs available in the market. But SZA Crocs varies from others because of the denim print and a SZA loved Y2K vibe. These factors make this a lot more different than other Crocs. Also the trendy and casual design of this specific Crocs makes it different from other crocs.

Are SZA Crocs worth the resale price?

SZA Crocs Clog retail costs around $70 and Slide retail is around $80 which is quite pricey according to most of the people. But it is definitely worth its price. You must consider the way this footwear will represent you as a whole person. You will come across a stylish person who needs not sacrifice the comfort to be a part of this trendy brand.

What impact did the collaboration have on Crocs’ sustainability efforts?

We already know that crocs are a completely vegan footwear which means there is no harm done to any other living beings in any way to make these shoes. These standards and expectations were met as the other Crocs products. These are as sustainable as the other Crocs products. In this case, we have to understand that these products were as sustainable and comfortable as the other products and they were made even more stylish by collaboration with SZA.

How do SZA Crocs fit?

It is like regular Crocs. As Crocs have some specific sizes, these are the same. If you have Crocs, you might know that you need to buy Crocs one size smaller than your regular shoes for it to fit perfectly. You should know that it will not slip and feel loose if this information is known while buying it.

What is the target audience of SZA Crocs?

People who are interested in fashion and trendy footwear, this can be a great choice for them. But not only them, people who are looking forward to having a footwear which is both comfortable and stylish, they can buy it. On the other hand, most of the die hard fans of SZA are going to buy it anyhow.


Moreover, in this article we have mainly discussed SZA Crocs. We have thoroughly discussed Crocs, SZA, SZA Crocs, the hype of this collaboration, the reasons for the popularity of these shoes etc.

We also learn about the SZA Crocs collection, the way we can style it, the future of this product and some controversies about the whole phenomenon as well. This thorough discussion will give us an overview of the whole SZA Crocs and its hype.


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